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Dark Side of Chanel Preston, The

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 9/23/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 4 hours, 9 minutes

Cast: Chanel Preston, Brooklyn Chase, Mandingo, Rico Strong, Charlie Mac, Shane Diesel, Jack Napier, Wesley Pipes, Moe Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Chris Cock, Valentina Nappi, Keisha Grey, Prince Yahshua, and Chad Diamond

Directed by: Billy Watson and various other directors

Genres: All Sex, Anal, Big Cock, Gloryhole, Interracial, Star-Showcase

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery and cumshot recap

Overview: With the success of similar star-showcases featuring Stella Cox and Valentina Nappi, DogFart continues their line of new "Dark Side" compilations by showing off eight of the nine scenes Chanel Preston has done for the well-respected, interracial titan. Only excluding her most recent cuckold scene, DogFart puts together a breathless marathon of Chanel's scenes, ranging from gloryhole to cuckold, and blowbang to pickup, all shot with the attentive quality and arousing factors the long-running company has been known for since inception.

Scene 1: "Interracial Gloryhole" (2017): Chanel Preston, Brooklyn Chase, and unnamed male performer

Our marathon showcase of Chanel Preston opens with her and Brooklyn Chase stumbling upon an unassuming sex-shop in the middle of a girls' night. Brooklyn is completely for waltzing in with the intent on looking at some videos and browsing an assortment of dildos, but Chanel is noticeably uncomfortable, to which her friend assures her that it'll be a great experience.

The two decide on renting a viewing booth after perusing the popular DogFart DVDs. Once Brooklyn realizes Chanel left the house without panties, she moves in for a kiss, which turns into the gentlest of cunnilingus sessions before a black cock pops through one of the room's gloryholes. Brooklyn makes the decision to have the lucky man of the hour feel welcome, continuing her gentle technique, eventually roping Chanel in to sample for herself. Chanel goes harder than Brooklyn, jamming the dick down her throat with two hands, honing her impresive oral skills.

Despite the sexual proclivity of Chanel, Brooklyn hops on first with the folding chair for support. She rides rather carefully, if awkwardly, before moving to have Chanel indulge, with her initial facial expressions communicating all we need to know about the sexual experience. Brooklyn transitions from excitement to complete disbelief when her girlfriend claims to want the big black cock in her ass, and she turns out to be the most apprehensive of the group when Chanel insists she take it in her own ass to culminate the ladies night experience.

Brooklyn caves and winces as she tries to inch herself down on the large member, but eventually allows him to finish on her tits. Chanel helps herself to tongue her best friend's breasts, since she wasn't the only brave soul for the day. Concluding the thoroughly enjoyable scene is the other convention of DogFart gloryhole scenes and that's the embarrassment the subject or subjects face as they exit the room. This one doesn't even dare skip such a favorable inclusion. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: "Blacks on Blondes" (2012): Chanel Preston and Mandingo

Chanel Preston begins her "Blacks on Blondes"/DogFart debut by proclaiming she is indeed a size-queen, or a woman with an affinity for the biggest of cocks. She looks to get her white booty "railed" in her Mandingo debut, immediately being greeted by the legendary adult star mere seconds after hearing his name mentioned. He moves in, to which Chanel greets him with her deepthroat blowjob and insatiable wide-eyes, which steal the show in a solid POV sequence.

Her blowjob technique doesn't lose its captivating qualities even when Mandingo moves to the couch, where Chanel is challenged to keep up with his girth in an admittedly tougher position.

"Stick this big black cock inside my tight little pussy," Chanel demands as she squats on him in missionary. We see her trot and thrust her waist in a rapid-fire manner, giving way to sexual energy before opting for anal. She spreads her ass for Mandingo's foot-long penis while spooning with him, aghast at the immensity of his shaft.

Stretching her leg across the entire couch, Chanel manages to accommodate Mandingo's size, if only barely, before bouncing on his lap in reverse cowgirl, grinding her hips rather rhythmically as he sinks deeper into her butt.

Chanel takes a moment's break to fist her newly widened asshole before Mandingo reinserts himself. It's remarkable how he can just sink in so effortlessly as the scene persists on, but thus is why he's one of the most recognizable talents in the business. Chanel reaches the home stretch lying on her back, her legs spread so Mandingo can find home in her clit for the first time throughout the entire scene. Things end with him cumming in mouth for a job well done. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 3: "Cuckold Sessions" (2013): Chanel Preston, Rico Strong, and Chad Diamond (non-sex)

Chanel Preston rocks a purple blouse and the shortest of jean-shorts to begin her debut "Cuckold Sessions" scene for DogFart. Such an outfit prompts Rico Strong to question why the two haven't worked together, but the arrival of the overly giddy, geeky Chad Diamond explains all. Frustrated by his presence, Chanel says both Chad and Rico should race one another to the top of a long flight of stairs to see who is rewarded with her pussy, but just before Rico is set to take off, she pulls him away as Chad sprints up the stairs. It's the classic con that sets the mood for the entire scene.

Back at her house, Chanel lets Rico feel her up, slowly stripping her down to complete nakedness before unearthing his sizable shaft. Chanel unleashes a breathless blowjob attack that kicks in rather passionately just about the time an exhausted Chad arrives to strip before a preoccupied Chanel. She's utterly disgusted with his lack of size and girth, condemning him to the sidelines of her and Rico's sex-capade to watch and masturbate as the real show takes place.

Chanel taunts Chad while Rico initially bends her over, penetrating deep inside her, before flipping her on her back to fuck. Chanel is arrested by his size, while Chad is left with her heel-clad feet, eventually being coerced into eating her panties while she's satisfied with completely immersing sex from Rico.

"You're never going to feel the inside of my fucking cunt," Chanel screams at us, seemingly redirecting her attention from the hopeless Chad, who is left munching on her underwear while Rico has himself a solid session of reverse cowgirl. "I might as well be bouncing on a pussy," she tells Chad, in reference to if she even bothered having sex with him. She gets ever-more brutal, riding Rico more vigorously the more she elaborates to Chad his worthlessness.

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While spooning with Rico, Chanel invests herself in a melodic, if moan-heavy, penetration before Rico gives her quite possibly the neatest creampie I've yet to see. With Rico's job done, it's Chad's turn to attend to Chanel's pussy, but instead, he responds by cumming all over himself and sucking his own sperm off of Chanel's fingers as she taunts him mercilessly to end the scene. I've never been one for the awkwardness of cuckold scenes, but given Chanel's commitment, Rico's sexual talents, and Chad remaining a good sport, I'm willing to make an exception. 3/5 stars.

Scene 4: "Interracial Gloryhole" (2013): Chanel Preston and unnamed male performer

Chanel Preston opens her debut gloryhole scene for DogFart by dancing for us in the "champagne room." It's too bad there's no musical accompaniment for her graceful moves, but making due with her hip-grinding and skillful twisting against a cold, metal-pole isn't all that bad. After dancing for several minutes, Chanel takes note of a black cock that suddenly pops out of the wall behind her.

She moves toward it to suck it, stopping her routine to salivate all over it in pure lust. "Cock tastes even better when I don't know whose it is," she exclaims. The scene is clearly one of DogFart's earliest, as style is far from a concern and the scene is burdened by a linearity that would disturb even the cheapest porno. An impressive deepthroat showcase, a noisy, slurpy blowjob, and an excited Chanel that is shown sucking dick by way of an overhead camera angle isn't enough to carry this scene on its own. Given that we were treated with a mostly unpredictable gloryhole scene that showcased two very talented performers at the start of this disc, Chanel's first gloryhole scene feels like amateur filler that's good for completionists but few others as it bores with desperately little substance. 2/5 stars.

Scene 5 "Interracial Blowbang" (2013): Chanel Preston, Rico Strong, and various unnamed male performers

Chanel Preston - dressed in a shoulder-baring orange top and shapely black yoga pants that bring out the finest curves in her booty and thighs - starts her debut blowbang off by proclaiming her love for big black cock. Cut to a gaggle of "blowbangers" holding their Black Panther-style meeting, the group cocks their fist in the air, praising Chanel even as she quietly makes her way down the stairs to be unconventionally worshiped by an onslaught of random men in the one of the most forceful but pleasurable ways.

Her tall heels and pink toes are on display even as she caves to her knees to please all the men before her. Rico Strong is particularly grabby when faced with her "nectarine"-shaped booty, and much of the guys enjoy having their dick coughed, spat, and gagged on as Chanel struggles but nonetheless succeeds at the pleasing several men at any given time. I don't think the dedicated, passionate Rachel goes more than a few seconds before finding another dick to fall into her hand, even as she scarfs down cock at every turn.

Any male that watches a given blowbang scene fully knows going in that he'll be staring at more penis than heteronormative oral skills or intercourse, but, in a more neutral sense, one could tune into this scene simply to see how sexually skilled Chanel is as a performer. She is absolutely ceaseless in not only blowing but devouring all the guys she's faced with while getting fingered, slapped, and manhandled over the course of the entire scene.

Barely ten minutes into the heavily edited throwback scene is Chanel getting cum from all of the men. Her face is glazed as the guys conquer and coat her from various angles. Her forehead, chin, and mouth all become targets for the semen of random men, but Chanel nonetheless remains committed to the nonstop action, opening wide and letting her makeup smear down her face as she's treated to load-after-load of sperm. Chanel finishes sticky and drenched, the expected result, yet, as always, lets her good spirit and sexual dedication define a memorable scene. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 6: "Blacks on Blondes" (2014): Chanel Preston, Shane Diesel, Jack Napier, Charlie Mac, and Wesley Pipes

Chanel Preston is the manager on a construction project involving Shane Diesel, Jack Napier, Charlie Mac, and Wesley Pipes, who are in the process of transporting a large, weighty wall-frame when Chanel keeps changing where she wants it placed. She gets on their nerves, but as soon as the deed is done, they realize that it's because of Chanel's overwhelming desire to always be in control. They decide to take control of her for a change, to which she happily responds by allowing her crotch and breasts be grabbed and slapped.

Jack is the first to be treated to a blowjob, trading off between himself and Wesley while Chanel gets rimmed by Shane. The guys love passing her between their dicks, practically relishing in covering her face with their unbelievably large penises. A few minutes pass and they lug Chanel over to a red mattress for her to take multiple guys at once. Wesley is the first to go in from behind, with Shane bringing the face-to-face romance while everyone else gets a ride.

The guys carry out an order where they each fuck Chanel then get a blowjob, patiently forming a line, but also making it difficult to tell who brings out the best energy in the sultry size-queen. Charlie gets her to breakout in a spread eagle when it's his turn to fuck and Shane's first taste of penetration is exciting thanks to his incredible foreplaying skills. The group moves to spear her on her back, Charlie again opting for pussy and Jack for a blowjob. Wesley is the first to break her in anally, something that has been a common theme on this "Dark Side" compilation set.

The rougher someone like Charlie gets - slapping Chanel while anally penetrating at the same time - the more she seems to enjoy it. She arches her ass in the air for doggy, and Jack dives in so deep she can help but belt out an unexpectedly loud scream. The last major position shows Chanel on her back, giving each one of the guys a chance to intimately fuck her. Charlie creampies her while Wesley dribbles on her face before the two bigger names get their chance to finish on the zealous and alluring starlet. There's a good two minutes of Chanel anticipating a final load from Jack while proclaiming her love for black cock and cum that works as a compelling monologue of how involved she becomes in her scenes. A solid scene that works as a complementary segway from the aforementioned blowbang scene. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 7: "Blacks on Blondes" (2017): Chanel Preston, Rico Strong, Isiah Maxwell, Moe Johnson, Ricky Johnson, and Chris Cock

Playing similar beats to the previous scene, but upping the ante by giving this one a more consistent story-edge, we open Chanel's most recent "Blacks on Blondes" scene with her celebrating her college graduation. Her present to herself following such a monumental life-accomplishment is going to be a gangbang with five of her hottest black friends. A fun shakeup, however, comes in the form of Isiah Maxwell, Moe Johnson, and the rest of the guys welcoming and embracing Chanel's request by quizzing her on psychology questions, for they can't just fuck any street bimbo.

Chanel has no time for Isiah's pondering around the major psychological concepts on human behavior. "Whores like to get fucked and they like to suck dick," Chanel bluntly states, giving him her answer with a surly tone. The guys think that despite Chanel's underwhelming performance showing off her smarts, they can still make a gangbang work, and no sooner than her falling to her knees are all their dicks out waiting to be sucked.

Our lady of the hour responds by throating most of them instantly, working wonders by deepthroating, even if she needs a bit of leniency when it comes to the sizable qualities of Ricky Johnson and Rico Strong. Moe checks underneath her skirt to reveal cute pink panties and an apple bottom, while Chris takes his investigation of Chanel's body one step further, frisking her with his tongue and finger.

Isiah is the first to bend her over and slide in, embracing doggystyle from behind while Ricky allows receives a blowjob. The guys form a line to get a taste of the raucous firecracker, clustering around her when she finally collapses to her side. When her pussy and mouth are met with Moe and Rico, respectively, Chanel is greeted with a situation that would allow for ear-piercing wails if her mouth wasn't already full. This whole instance upon initial penetration goes down as some of the most breathless sex of the entire disc, as it dawns on us that the disc was working its way into a gangbang showcase that finally arrives three hours in and makes our patience well worth it.

In the blink of an eye, Chanel positions herself for an airtight, with all holes plugged and all hands filled with hard cock. She's practically stationary between five dicks, at least showing there's no waiting on behalf of the men and no shortage of prowess for the 31-year-old's sexual habits.

Chanel moves to spread her ass to get nailed while carelessly reaching for dick above her head as it appears. Chris Cock and Isiah pose triple-threats, plowing both of her ends while Chris' fingers find their way into her tight snatch. There's no squirting unfortunately, but I'd be hardpressed to hedge a bet on Chanel not cumming after such a surprise little ambush that rewarded the audience with melodic moans of pleasure. Chris proves that when his fingers come in contact with a woman's vagina, it could be Doomsday in the best possible way.

Things end with all the men hovering around Chanel, stroking over her face until she's coated in cum. Chanel accepts each load enthusiastically, gently pawing at her clit in all smiles, with distended strands of cum falling atop her face one-by-one. Chris passes on a particularly thick load, having the last words by suggesting a drenched Chanel to come back when she has her doctorate because "they''ll really have a lot of fun" then. The spirit of this scene is never lost and ranks up with one of the finest gangbang endeavors I've yet to see from DogFart. 4/5 stars.

Scene 8: "Blacks on Blondes" (2017): Chanel Preston, Valentina Nappi, Keisha Grey, Prince Yahshua, Isiah Maxwell, and Ricky Johnson

Our eighth and final scene of The Dark Side of Chanel Preston is only the second scene of the disc where Chanel must share the spotlight with other porn starlets, this time Valentina Nappi and Keisha Grey. In addition, both the Italian goddess and the ubiquitous 23-year-old have had their "Dark Side" DVD showcases for DogFart, leaving Chanel to be the odd-woman out until this closer wraps up a healthy marathon of sex.

The three ladies plus Prince Yashua, Isiah Maxwell, and Ricky Johnson are mingling in a hot-tub when Chanel suggests something more fun - an orgy. The guys leap at the opportunity as they switch off girls to make things even steamier, gently kissing and caressing one another while enjoying the heat of the tub. The guys are sidelined, if only for a moment, so the girls kiss amongst themselves, but regroup to begin the blowjob to kick off the orgy. Prince allows his dick to be in good hands with Valentina, Ricky lets Keisha guide him, and Chanel arrests herself with familiar partner Isiah. Valentina has the most unique blowjob eyes and also is the first to initiate a titfuck between her and Ricky.

After crowding each of the guys individually for a one-of-a-kind triple blowjob, the six make their way inside where the gentlemen reciprocate with a lengthy cunnilingus session. This is delightful and unexpected, as it's nice to see Chanel and Valentina, in particular, cuddle next to one another on the couch at the mercy of Prince and Isiah's tongues. They have no complaints about their pussies being licked for just a little too long.

Keisha is the first to refocus her attention on giving Ricky a blowjob, and soon enough, all of the girls are screwing. Chanel is wrangled into the couch by Prince, while Valentina is bent over by Ricky and Isiah handles Keisha similarly to the way Prince captivates Chanel. Chanel uses her affinity for fun positions and long legs to keep things interesting, and, in reverse cowgirl, both her and Valentina boast their porcelain-toned bodies save for some neatly trimmed pubic hair. Keisha keeps occupied with Ricky in doggystyle, striking up a likable romance, only to be occasionally distracted and aroused by Chanel's expressive reactions to her deep penetration.

The girls take a moment from being fucked breathless to squander the rest of their air by deepthroating the guys, regrouping only when Prince decides it's time to squeeze himself into Chanel's booty. The guys take turns taking the girls on a deep anal ride, until Chanel requests the beautiful Valentina be a candidate for an impromptu DP with Isiah and Prince. Chanel takes on Ricky in the meantime while Keisha sits atop Isiah's face as he finds himself balls deep inside Keisha's twat. The girls clean off the dicks fresh out of Valentina, to which she can do little else besides laugh it off and bask in her own sexual satisfaction.

The three enjoy messy cumshots in exchange for all their hard work, with Isiah being the most impressive of the men, aiming perfectly and allowing each of the girls to absorb his juices. The most recent "Blacks on Blondes" efforts of all these women at this given times serves as the disc's best scene alongside the previous gangbang and Chanel's Mandingo debut, showing that Chanel is not just capable of commanding several guys on her own, but she has no problem sharing with equally talented girls. 4/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

The only scene excluded from Chanel Preston's DogFart showcase is her most recent gangbang on "Cuckold Sessions," which was too new to make the cut. Once again, DogFart delivers another DVD that is competent and thoroughly enjoyable in a quality sense, thanks to their continued affirmation to their own quality standard and their respect for porn stars like Chanel who work hard and give every scene their all, not turning down anything from anal to airtight.

The only problem with The Dark Side of Chanel Preston is, yet again, DogFart's presentation leaves a lot to be desired. No title cards, formal intros/outros, no dates nor introductions of scenes, and no real consistency aside from the three rowdiest scenes coming at the end give any rhyme or reason to the disc as a whole. It always seems like any kind of features or any kind of linearity that at least allows the performers to be identified is too much to ask for the interracial porn giant, making the quality of the scenes, yet again, a huge reason why many of their movies are worthy of recommendations. A little more effort behind the presentation, especially for these special "Dark Side" showcases, could go a long way.

Coming into this disc, I had maybe seen two scenes with Chanel Preston before, and even that might be stretching it. I emerge with confidence that not only is she a strong, capable performer with few, if any, limits, but that she's absolutely worthy of a showcase all her own thanks to brimming energy, a lovely smile, and a laundry list of kinks that make for great contemporary porn.

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