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Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 6/27/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

Cast: Abella Danger, Keisha Grey, Marley Brinx, Ashley Adams, and Dredd

Directed by: Jules Jordan

Genres: All Sex, Anal, Big Cock, Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Behind the scenes, photo gallery, cumshot recap

Overview: Since storming on the scene at the dawn of the decade and gaining real traction last year, Dredd has been a sizable name in porn in both a literal and figurative sense. His jaw-droppingly big penis, coupled with his tall, often dapper persona and charismatic personality have made him an instantly recognizable and likable figure in porn of the moment. Despite remaining close and loyal to companies such as DogFart and Hushpass, Dredd also has a certain connection with Jules Jordan, who I can only assume is proud to present a uniformly solid, eponymous showcase with franchise potential.

Scene 1: Abella Danger and Dredd

"I'm ready for a challenge," the curvaceous and attractive Abella Danger tells Jules Jordan as he films her, highlighting her best angles as she dances and sways in a silver, hip-hugging skirt and diamond-shaped fishnets. Jules informs her that she will be faced with the most daunting task she's ever had in her career thus far and that's conquering Dredd and his 12 inch-long dick. Before that comes to fruition, however, Abella satisfies viewers enough with her incredible twerking in addition to presenting us with her full-bush that's more-or-less "caged," if you will, in her aforementioned fishnets.

After Jules makes her work and literally grovel for Dredd's penis, she is faced with it after finding him in the bathroom and ripping off his jeans. She's so taken, she cannot help but witness the biggest dick she's ever seen, and proceeds to keep her promise of letting is see all three of her holes. She has a hard time controlling it initially for a blowjob, as her eyes water and realizes she needs both hands in order to really wrangle it, but eventually her technique cogently materializes.

Dredd rips apart her nets in order to finally penetrate her. Unlike in his other scenes, here, Dredd doesn't believe in easing in, and within moments of insertion, he is picking up the pace inside Abella, who can't minimize her smile. She does her best to throat him intermittently, but finds more success in just letting him ride. When she finally lies on her back and spread her legs, Abella's butthole becomes tasked with absorbing Dredd and bottoms out at an impressive seven inches. He turns her on her side and she can't stop her leather-clad legs and 41-inch waist from shaking in sexual ecstasy. Even Dredd has a hard time maintaining dominance as he shimmies inside of her trying to keep pace and traction.

Abella keeps craving to taste his dick after anal, fully amplifying the explicit nature of the scene that makes up for the lack of exposition. The home-stretch has her hiking her legs in the air to expose her crotch, but Dredd doesn't pay any mind, as he still wants the ass she's offering. Dredd finishes things off by dribbling a small load of jizz on Abella's lips as she takes a rest on the ground, exhausted but entirely satisfied.

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Abella and Dredd work off of the potential of one another by allowing their charm and effervescence to carry the scene. Abella's talkative nature during sex compliments Dredd's evident passion, and the two effectively realize some brave sex as a result. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: Keisha Grey and Dredd

Keisha Grey walks slowly down the stairs in a pearly white bra/underwear combo that's latched to her black stockings/pantyhose. There are many words to describe this alluring outfit and Keisha's stunning beauty but one that comes to mind almost immediately is "toned," as Keisha flaunts her abdomen and booty as she anxiously awaits the big dick she's been promised by Jules.

Once Dredd enters the frame, Keisha starts with a blowjob, which is as big of a tease initially as her dance and solo. She turns her focus to Dredd's testicles, as she knows he likes them licked and toyed before she widens her throat for a bigger, stronger blowjob. "It's my lucky day," she says trying to hold back a smile mid-fellatio. She later gives Dredd the OK to thrust inside her mouth despite how tiny it proves to be. This prompts Dredd to get better leverage by putting his hands behind her head as spit and drool begin to coat his penis and her chin.

Dredd finally enters Keisha as she's outstretched on a table, which ensues predictable but ravishing moans nonetheless. Dredd keeps consistent with the hard and fast start that shows little loss of momentum once again. "I can taste me all over your dick," Keisha says in the middle of scarfing Dredd down her mouth during a brief break from sex. During missionary, it's shocking to see Keisha manage to get Dredd inside of her, as his hands drape around her ass to the point of almost entirely covering her cheeks in a very dominant moment.

She finally slides him between her tits before letting him play in her ass while on her back, rubbing her clit for extra-sensitivity and arousal. Keisha keeps eye-contact with him to let him know her intense satisfaction, which prompts Dredd to shoot a load in her mouth after reverse cowgirl, where Keisha's hips and waist do the talking. Throughout the entire scene, Keisha's smiley personality is the real charmer, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with her toned figure nor how she manages to use it with power and gusto once again. 3.5/5 stars

Scene 3: Marley Brinx and Dredd

Marley Brinx's solo begins in long-shot black and white that has her elegantly sashaying as her pitch-black pantyhose beautifully compliments her style. She's lanky, with more legs than a runway, and moves with excess grace and precision as she lets her body language do the talking. Once the color returns, we get a better idea of how elaborately detailed her lingerie and tattoos are; it's as if, in this brief but alluring solo, Marley's personality and intricacies are on display front-and-center and perhaps symbolize themselves through Jordan's change of aesthetic.

The Burning Angel star is immediately serviced when Dredd walks in the bedroom, with her proceeding to suck his massive cock. Marley strokes and teases with her tongue to start, using both hands like the rest of the girls, but not being afraid nor intimidated to simply let one and her mouth do the talking. She disrobes to show off a petite ass and pair of breasts before Dredd goes to enter her tight vagina from the back, where the size of his hand, yet again, seems to overpower the tiny Marley.

Marley's blowjob technique, despite its brevity, is a lot of fun to watch, for she handles Dredd a bit differently and indescribably than what has proven to be common on this disc. Though it would be nice to see more, the size contrast of Dredd's member to her tiny stature is incredible and serves as the basis for this scene over the remaining three.

While there might be a cycle of familiar positions at hand here, Marley proves that she can keep it interesting and Dredd remains as likable as ever. Marley, for one, is also probably grateful that anal doesn't take place here despite as much fun as she seems to be having. She's exciting without being overly theatrical and loves taking Dredd's load all over her lips and chin. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 4: Ashley Adams and Dredd

Ashley Adams starts the disc's closer by squeezing her boobs as they rest in a mostly see-through black blouse that gets especially thin around the bust. She smiles as she hardly stands still for a second, waltzing all over the kitchen before crawling all over tables and chairs while making small-talk with Jules and awaiting Dredd's arrival. She cannot wait to get a big cock all for herself, for it's one of her most favorite things, she tells him.

Dredd graces everyone with his presence and starts by initiating things with Ashley, going right into licking her ass and pussy in order to get her warmed up. He's done this with every woman thus far, but has yet to do it to open a scene, as if he has progressively gone on to show more and more control with each model he works with. Ashley finally moves to arch her back on the table as Dredd guides her slurp his BBC.

"I can't even do it with one hand, it's so fucking big," Ashley says while trying to lick Dredd's balls while still being attentive to his shaft. Ashley then does a striptease/lap-dance before Dredd, asking him to be patient while she lets him wait for her, even going as far as to drawing things out by grinding against his dick. When she finally sits on his penis in missionary, she arches her legs around him for a great, if maybe uncomfortable, view of entry.

During this time, Ashley's enthusiasm further explodes as her pounding intensifies. Throughout this scene she's been nothing but a fun-loving, enthusiastic presence, but now, she can completely come into her own character and persona, much like Dredd. She even squirts all over his lap, much to the pleasure of our titular man, and does so once again as she's spooned and trying not to laugh in enjoyment.

A quick but energetic doggystyle over the table and chair concludes things as Dredd manages to pour a load into her mouth and all over her cheeks. Ashley is thrilled, if spent, as she's had a full day and a full twelve inches in a wonderful, breakneck closer of a scene. 4/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Jules Jordan has been a studio that has consistently impressed me with their straight-forward presentations and promises of great sexcapades that fully showcase what stars and starlets are all about, and overall, Dredd isn't an exception. Unlike some of Hushpass' or even DogFart's weaker scenes, Jules much prefers to showcase Dredd minus the shock value, perhaps even humanizing him in certain moments by showing his weaknesses - such as during Marley's unique blowjobs or Ashley's perpetual teasing.

But as much as he is the star here, the women bring real energy in each scene, with none of the four half-hour long episodes appearing overlong or subpar. Abella Danger accentuates both her knockout figure and no-limits personality and raciness while Keisha Grey's unbelievable body carries and smiley disposition carry her scene as much as her exciting anal does. Tie it all together with one of the most charismatic and likable porn stars working today, and you have a showcase title that should absolutely become a new Jules-helmed franchise.

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