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Black Meat White Feet 3

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 11/29/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 11 minutes

Cast: Allie James, Avril Sun, Kate England, Riley Reid, Tara Lynn Fox, Jason Brown, Rico Strong, Moe Johnson, and Jon Jon

Directed by: Billy Mason

Genres: Foot Fetish, Footjob, Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No technical specifications to note

Bonus Scenes: None

Extras: Photo gallery, cumshot recap

Overview: Dogfart continues being one of the studios at the forefront of interracial entertainment, continuing their pleasure thesis into the realms of feet and foot worship with their series "Black Meat White Feet" and its respective third DVD release of the series.

Scene 1: Allie James, Jason Brown and Rico Strong

Allie James waltzes into the frame in a unique black one-piece that connects her bikini-top with her panties and matching high heels, to which we're treated with a closeup. As she takes her heels off, Allie claims she's a size eight and a half, as she pulls back to shoes to reveal fuchsia-colored toenails and fingernails. She talks about how her hectic day of walking has rendered her poor feet sweaty and in need of a massage, and to her surprise and comfort, two muscular black men, Jason Brown and Rico Strong, enter and each occupy one of her feet. Both men do their part in worshiping Allie's tired, worn souls, rubbing their faces on them, sucking her toes, and so forth.

As Allie makes good use of her feet to stroke Rico's dick, a bit of "pre-cum" escapes from his dick, to which her jaw drops. She has no time to waste, however, as she begins lubing up her feet with spit to help satisfy both of her men. While Rico lies on the floor and allows Allie to rub her feet all over his cock, Jason is far more forceful with Allie's soles, tightly holding them together as the arches aid in stroking his girthy dick. Allie knows how to get the men going by using her toes to gently toy with the heads of their dicks and send them, particularly Jason, into ecstasy before even one nut busts.

Eventually, Rico winds up sloppily blowing his load on Allie's pedicured toes before she shows off her flexibility and stretches her toes in order to lick the cum off. As she lies on her back, stroking Jason off with her feet, Jason busts a bit early on the couch but eventually lands some of it on her feet. Some hot moments lurk in this scene, but nobody is a particularly engaging presence during this scene, going through the motions to give us literally what is promised, but little otherwise. A very standard, vanilla scene. Two and a half out of five stars.

Scene 2: Avril Sun and Jason Brown

A close-up of black-strapped leather heels turns into a shot that pans up and down on a petite body a few times before we get to see the pretty face of Hungarian Avril Sun, doing her debut scene for Dogfart. Avril's calves, legs, and of course, her feet are the star of this scene, as she claims her size fives make her perfect for this kind of a scene, if not for her petite breasts and body weren't also eye-catching features in a strictly carnal sense. Once Jason arrives, she wastes no time in jerking off his huge dick with emphasis on her toe-technique. "Fuck my feet," she demands as her strokes intensify once he gets a better grip on her tiny soles.

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Throughout the entire time, Avril eyes Jason's thick member as its encased with her tiny feet before she shifts to a position that as her ass to the ceiling while he continues to have his way with her arches. Avril uses the arch of her left and the sole of her right to please him, eventually squeezing the semen out of his cock that she subsequently massages into her feet. A very quick scene that's elevated mostly by Avril's subtle but present charisma. Three out of five stars.

Scene 3: Kate England and Moe Johnson

Two interracial genre-greats, Kate England and Moe "The Monster" Johnson, appear in the disc's only narrative-based scene, which has an injured Kate coming back from a workout with her personal trainer Moe. After getting her shoe and sock off, Moe massages her toes and ankle before beginning to suck and savor her toes right as the other shoe and sock come off. Once Kate reminds Moe that her husband will be gone for several more days, he can't undo his pants fast enough to reveal his enormous dick that Kate, in eye-popping yoga pants, squats down and attends to promptly.

During this blowjob sequence, Billy Watson's camera frequently cuts to a strong, intimate POV sequences that arouse and add to the quality of this scene. This allows Kate's blowjob technique - gripping Moe's balls with her left hand as she runs her right up and down his shaft as she slurps - to be fully communicated.

The two eventually move inside, where Moe softly rims Kate's ass before returning to her feet, indulging in her toes specifically. When Moe finally enters Kate's puss as she's hunched over some exercise equipment, Kate's talents come through almost immediately. Her expressive face, gorgeous body, and seductive charm show her pornographic prowess and might even render her a great MILF one day. Moe finds his groove inside of her pretty early, as she lifts up her pink tank-top to reveal perky breasts with sizable areolas.

The foot worship continues well into the sex, as Moe stops on occasion to continue servicing Kate's young and spotless feet. She eventually goes to jerk him off with her toes, but Moe can't help but continue to drill Kate, especially when he picks her up and she submissively spreads her legs for him. To conclude things, she uses her toes to fondle his balls while he jerks himself off and bathes her feet in a large load. This is basically an ordinary "Blacks on Blondes" scene with some sporadic, conservatively placed scenes of foot worshiping intermixed. This shows that this formula does well when given much-needed variety such as blowjobs and sex. Four out of five stars.

Scene 4: Riley Reid and Jon Jon

The momentum of Kate England's great scene unsurprisingly continues for Riley Reid's scene, who is one of the most popular names in porn right now and the covergirl for Black Meat White Feet 3 respectively. Donning long white stockings and a lacey white outfit/panty combo, Riley is as cheery and effervescent as she's ever been. She illuminates with energy throughout the entire scene as she talks about how much she loves having her size six soles caressed and massaged by people, even though she is very ticklish.

Jon Jon comes into aid her at the right time, worshiping her stocking-clad feet by sucking on each of her toes. Riley lies back on the couch, allowing her clit to peek through her lacey outfit, a recurring instance that will provide a bit of a naughty arousal throughout the entire scene. Eventually, Jon takes Riley's stockings off and drapes them around her leg and between her toes. "Now my feet are free!," she proclaims.

Things take a turn for the interactive as she tells us to lick and massage her right foot while Jon takes care of her left; all of this fun makes you forget Jon has even taken his dick out yet. When he finally does, however, Riley does her part to aid in him foot-fucking her, eventually moving to a stool to be more in-control, cupping his cock with her arches. Riley talks most of the way through, which works well and caters to her great personality, especially as she massages Jon's member, rubs her clit, and eye-fucks the audience.

When Riley lies flat on her stomach, Jon gets her to bite her stocking as she strokes his dick with her feet leading him to spray a load her soles, despite eking some out on her tit when she finally turns over. It's no bother; she licks it right off and giggles as she fades to black. Riley is not only one of the biggest marquee names in porn, she's also one of the most consistent, even with such a narrow concept. Four out of five stars.

Scene 5: Tara Lynn Fox and Rico Strong

Black Meat White Feet 3 concludes with Tara Lynn Fox assuming a more dominant, almost cuckold-style tone of voice as she shows off her black strapped heels. She demands a "foot-slave" and tells us she realized the power her feet have over men at a very young age, as she runs her fingers up and down her legs, with the camera peeking ever-so-subtly at her see-through panties and moistening crotch. When Tara gets her wish for foot-slave, she is stunned when Rico pulls out his big cock to help give her feet a workout.

What follows is a slick and satisfying footjob before Tara fully strips and allows us a long look at her unclothed body as she smells the intoxicating aroma of her underwear. Rico pours lube on her soles and allows her to stroke his dick, playing with her butt a bit as she lies on the floor, giggling and awing at the sheer immensity of Rico. In what seems like no time, Rico empties his balls onto her feet, leaving a dripping, sticking load that adds white stripes to her jelly apple red toenails. Tara giggles as she plays with the cum on her toes saying, "I need a clean-up foot slave." A quickie with certain merit, yet ultimately resorts back to the conventions we grew accustomed to with Allie and Avril's respective scenes.

Final Thoughts

One of the flaws present when it comes to a foot fetish or foot worshiping is there isn't a whole lot you can do when faced with a set of feet and a cock, no matter the size nor color. At the end of the day, the lack of options begs the use of toys, multiple parties, or actual intercourse in order to keep things interesting. While Dogfart needs to improve their content by adding variety and more involved narratives, "Black Meat White Feet," as a whole isn't the worst one, but it definitely deserves to be revamped and given more life than what its title literally equates.

Tentpole scenes involving Kate England and Riley Reid are both very good - the former working because of the aforementioned variety being infused with arousing intercourse and the latter succeeding due in part largely to the charm of the performer - but the remainder of the scenes are either okay or merely good because they show how limited the formula really is. Interracial pornography is on the rise and has been for years, but there might be a reason sites like Blacked or HardX have neglected to really explore the footjob possibilities quite yet.

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