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Wicked Sex Party 7

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 9/3/10

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Genre: All sex.
Director: Brad Armstrong.
Cast: Aveena Lee, Barrett Blade, Brad Armstrong, Brittney Skye, Cherokee, Chris Cannon, Devon Michaels, Dominica Leoni, Evan Stone, Jennifer Luv, Jessica Drake, Kaylani Lei, Lauren Phoenix, Mark Davis, Nick Manning, Nicole Sheridan, Shy Love, Tommy Gunn, Voodoo.
Must-See Girls in Cast: jessica drake.
Length: 01:22
Condoms: Yes.
Bonus: One bonus star for jessica drake, one of my 2007 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls.


I really like Wicked's Sex Party series. Why? Because they're fun and, according to my former colleague Harry Ola, "the guys at Wicked get the hottest women and put them in some of the most erotic films on the market today!" That's definitely true for Sex Party 7. Just look at the award-winning cast list above: Brittney Skye, Jessica Drake, Lauren Phoenix! Wow! Of course, the others are scorching hot, too! And, they're all in ONE movie!

Instead of being a standard scene-based movie in which each scene is populated by a couple or threesome, Wicked Sex Party 7 is composed of three flat-out orgies, each wilder and more populated than the previous. The first orgy begins when a new group of guests arrives at Kaylani's Polynesian resort. Later, the newbies join a group of randy people already enjoying Kaylani's hospitality, watch an island dance/music performance, and then the whole group fucks like wild animals. After a Luau dinner, complete with live entertainment, the whole assembly of Kaylani's guests engage in a long and very satisfying orgy.

Kaylani Lei is the hostess in this wild three-orgy getaway. She accompanies a randy group of newcomers to her tropical paradise hilltop resort in a trolley-like shuttle bus. Once they reach their destination, Kaylani demurs, "This is a clothing-optional resort. So, feel free to shed them whenever you'd like!...This resort is for lovers, a place where anything goes. Let your inhibitions disappear and let the party begin!" Of course, the fun begins right then and there--on the trolley! Don't you love porn stars? Who else can get a hard-on at a moment's notice and be ready to fuck? Who else will strip off their clothes in semi-public and suck and fuck to their hearts' content? Who else will unabashedly move from one partner (or partners) to another to obtain additional and more gratifying sex while attempting to quench their unquenchable lust? It's enough to make me shout out "I wish I were there!"

Although I usually spend most of my time in reviews writing about the women, I really have to mention the awesome performances of Evan Stone and Nick Manning in this movie. Evan's acrobatic positions and high-energy/high-enthusiasm fucking is commendable. And, as always, Nick's nasty way of motivating his female partners is admirable.

It's obvious that the performers--all 19 of them--had a fucking marvelous time on the set of Sex Party 7. However, it must have been a real treat for the videographer to capture, too! Imagine being surrounded by dozens of professional fuckers doing their damnedest to please each other! Image choosing what to film! Now, imagine that very talented and skilled directors, videorgraphers, and editors show you exactly the right action at the right time. Now, you're envisioning Wicked Sex Party 7. Watch it!

Check out some photos of the girls in Wicked Sex Party here. Pay particular attention to the photos of one of my all-time favorite girls, jessica drake, as well as the awesome group shots! Enjoy!


I usually try to tell you pretty much everything that goes on in the sex scenes I review so that you can choose if you want to see what I've seen. However, to be truthful, there's too much fucking sex in this movie for me to begin to do it justice. The movie is 1 1/3 hours long (perhaps a bit short, you might say). However, there is, at most, five minutes of non-sexual footage. The rest of the time is devoted to following the action in each of three very pleasing orgies populated by some of the finest looking--and performing--flesh in the porn business today.

Since I can't really do justice to each coupling, I'm just going to tell you what I think are the highlights of each orgy.

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Orgy One

Twenty-four minute long Orgy One begins as soon as the shuttle bus reaches the entrance of the resort. Instead of tumbling off the shuttle--like most tourists would do--the randy arrivals begin to fuck right then and there--on the bus! The guys each grab a girl (or two) and begin to make out as the camera pans across the licentious crowd. Of course, the girl(s) he starts out with will not be the one he splatters with cum later on! Here are some highlights: 1) Kaylani's fucking gorgeous body alone is worth the price of this disk. Her all-natural bronzed flesh and long ebony black hair are absolutely delightful. And, her absolutely stunning facial features are superb. She looks SO fine as she moves from couple to couple, acting like a true hostess to make sure that each person is happy and fulfilled. She truly enjoys satisfying the wanton lusts of her guests and smiles delightfully when she sees someone caught in a web of pleasure. And, I enjoyed her slightly nasty talk as she encourages her sexual partners. Kaylani, however, is not content to just watch and help others fuck. She, too, enjoys an oh-so-pretty ride on Barrett's luck dick: her undulating/grinding/humping/thrusting moves are incredible. 2) Lauren Phoenix, AVN's 2005 Female Performer of the Year, gives Barrett Blade and Nick Manning scorching sexual encounters and shows off her world-class fellatio and deep-throating skills on both of them. And, her award-winning body looks damned tight, too. She also demonstrates that she knows how to encourage her man during cunnilingus and that she can fuck--and be fucked--like a champion. In particular, I really enjoyed watching her get fucked by Nick Manning in the doggie position: her ripe ass flesh jiggles delightfully as Nick pounds her hard. I think Lauren's best coupling was with Evan. Wow, it's hard to imagine--not to mention accomplish--the positions they use to fuck! 3) The gymnastic sexual positions Evan Stone uses to fuck the shit out of Jennifer Luv is admirable. Evan's cunnilingus technique on Kaylani Lei's stunning pussy is also first-rate. In fact, the entire Kaylani/Jennifer/Evan threeway is very hot! Evan bangs Jennifer's pussy with his cock while Jennifer, in turn, reams Kaylani's pussy with a dildo. 4) As always, Nick Manning's nasty--and yet very motivating--way of talking/growling to his female partners is worth watching. 5) Shy Love's reaction to pleasure is what being a man is all about. When Barrett ravenously eats and fucks her pussy, her facial expressions, coos, and groans let him (and us) know that she's really in heaven. I also enjoyed watching Shy grind her pussy against Barrett as he fucks her from behind in the standing position. 6) There is a variety of cumshots: Shy Love takes Nick's load on her voluptuous tits and then sucks him dry; Barrett frantically pounds gorgeous Kaylani's pussy until he's ready to pop and then shoots his load onto Kaylani's chest and into Jennifer's mouth--then the girls swap cum; and Evan plasters the outside of Lauren's cunt with his jizz. This non-stop orgy is delightful...except none of the girls seem to have cum. Four stars.

Orgy Two

After Orgy One has wound down, the widely smiling guests jump off the bus and head into the resort to join the other revelers by the pool to watch some hula girls sway and undulate. Everybody pairs off with somebody new and they begin to cuddle and caress each other while the hula girls dance to authentic Hawaiian music. Once the girls have finished their dance and taken their leave, the horny couples and trios immediately begin to sway and undulate themselves. Again, the couplings change often during the orgy, so everybody gets a chance to sample several bodies. Here are some things I particularly enjoyed. 1) Although Kaylani Lei is the hostess, Nicole Sheridan is the "most-est." Not only does she look absolutely stunning, but also she fucks like she really likes it! What more could a man ask for? Damn, her performances are simply outstanding in this movie. Chris Cannon, whom I know from several shoots, gets Nicole's first attention--along with Kaylani Lei. Can you imagine a luckier SOB? I especially enjoyed his two-girl blowjob: both Nicole and Kaylani stroke, suck, and lick him at the same time! Nicole is especially hungry for cock, and it really shows as she spits on, sucks, and swallows Chris' rod. Later, Chris fucks the shit out of her while Kaylani helps out by rubbing Nicole's clit. Nicole's body really savors the pleasure her partners give her: her whimpers, grimaces, and sweaty body portray her lust and passion. And, her back-arching screaming orgasm with Chris is magnificent. Later, she and Shy Love give Tommy Gunn a blowjob to remember. Then, she rides and grinds Tommy reverse cowgirl style, to another volcanic orgasm. Afterward, she takes Tommy's load on her huge tits while screaming, "Oh, fuck that's HOT!" 2) Lauren Phoenix is as hot--or hotter--in this orgy as she was in the first. Damn, this girl really knows how to please a dick with her mouth and throat! I also enjoyed her erotic moves during reverse cowgirl with Nick Manning. This position nicely shows off her incredibly swollen clit and accommodating pussy. Lauren also knows how to share the action in a threeway: she uses her fingers, tongue, and mouth to constantly push her partners to higher levels of lust. And, in one of the hottest moments of this hot orgy, Lauren jacks off Voodoo's hugely engorged cock (she makes him cum without his assistance) all over Kaylani's gorgeous boobs. 3) Brittney Skye: you will never lose when you choose to watch one of her scenes. She's currently my favorite performer and has the body--and sexual appetite--of an erotic Greek goddess. 4) Devon Michaels and Mark Davis engage in some very pretty 69--damn, I wish they'd use this position more in porn flicks! She does an excellent job of blowing him while he eats and finger-fucks her into ecstasy. 5) Evan Stone again shows off his expertise in difficult and unique sexual positions by fucking Shy Love in the piledriver position (did you ever consider how much it must hurt to bend a dick down that far?) 6) Lots of trios develop during the orgy. In addition to the previously mentioned Nicole/Kaylani/Chris trio, there's also Jennifer Luv/Avena Lee/Tommy Gunn, Chris/Nick Manning/Devon Michaels, Brittney Skye/Lauren Phoenix/Evan Stone, Shy Love/Nicole Sheridan/Tommy Gunn, Mark Davis/Aveena Lee/Devon Michaels, and Lauren Phoenix/Kaylani Lei/Voodoo. There's just something kinky about being in a threeway! 7) Kaylani, again, looks so good that it hurts. And, her erotic moves, as she fucks one guy after another, are bone-stiffening. She looks especially tempting while fucking Voodoo missionary style. Her moves are also excellent in her threeway with Lauren Phoenix and Voodoo. 8) Devon Michaels swallows Chris Cannon's load. Five stars!

Orgy Three

That evening, after enjoying a luau feast, hula dancers, and fire dancers, the entire cast attempts, again, to quench their insatiable sexual appetites in the final 25-minute orgy. The camerawork is extremely nice, the video captured in very soft, yet effective, lighting. Of course, the first few minutes of the scene are devoted to foreplay. After that, they fuck like animals, and the scene ends with multiple pop-shots. Highlights in this scene include: 1) Jessica Drake. Wow! Is there any more attractive porn star than Jessica? She shows off her superior body and sexual passions in a boy/girl coupling with Chris Cannon. Damn, she looks good--especially when swallowing a cock! Later, she fucks Chris' face, grinding her clit against his mouth using very erotic movements. She and Chris also spend some very high-quality time in 69--Jessica's spread-wide and tongue-penetrated pussy looks so fucking fine! And, I adored how the camera worships her body as it pans up and down her fine flesh while Chris pounds her pussy in the missionary position. Her subsequent sweet orgasm is sweetened even more when Nicole French kisses her mouth as she cums. 2). Again, Nicole Sheridan is the "most-est" in this scene--everything about her is superlative. Her enthusiasm and vitality while fucking and getting fucked is remarkable. As in Orgy Two, her orgasm--with Voodoo this time--is mind-blowing. Later, insatiable Nicole teams up with Jessica Drake to give Brad Armstrong a memorable blowjob. Believe me, the two drop-dead gorgeous blonds give his cock one hell of a pretty workout! Nicole eventually pumps his cock with her hand until he blows his load all over both her face and that of Jessica Drake. 3) Brittney Skye performs in a scorching threeway with Cherokee and Tommy Gunn. In a modified 69 segment, Brittney rims and finger-fucks Cherokee's asshole while Tommy eats Cherokee's pussy. Meanwhile, Cherokee gobbles Tommy's dick and balls. Nice three-way cooperation, people! 4) Devon Michaels' orgasm with Mark Davis is earth shattering. 5) Kaylani Lei LOVES cunnilingus, and it really shows when Tommy Gunn, who is being simultaneously blown by Devon Michaels, expertly uses his tongue to make Kaylani cum. Kaylani's pussy is SO pretty, especially close-up! Eventually, Kaylani fucks the shit (awesome moves) out of Tommy's cock while Devon fucks his face. He eventually shoots his load onto both girls' faces. 6) Voodoo jacks off an enormous load, mostly into Aveena Lee's mouth. Aveena then magnanimously cum swaps his load with Dominica Leoni. Five stars.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The video was taken in all sorts of lighting situations--inside and outside a bus, outdoors during full sun by a sparkling pool, and outdoors at night. Yet, I'm pleased to report that whomever shot the video for this movie knew what he was doing because the action is almost always sufficiently lit, visible, and nicely color balanced. There are a couple of segments in which the outdoor full-sun lighting caused some flare. However, there's no real way to prevent that. The camera angles are absolutely superb: I especially liked the shot-from-above segments in which most of the orgy action is visible at the same time. The task of the editor in a movie like this is challenging: the action must cut from one couple (trio) to another so that you will get a sense of the overall goings-on. However, the cuts must be done in such a way that you won't think you really missed anything from any of the performances. The editor of this movie succeeded commendably in his difficult task. The image is always clear and crisp and there is no sign of grain or digital compression artifacts. Very good job. My only beef is that too little footage is given to my current favorite performer, Brittney Skye. Four and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): The 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound perfectly envelops the listener with well-chosen supporting music that does not overcome the sounds the performers make as they please and are pleased. Even though this, in essence, is a gonzo flick, the sound was well recorded and is always perfectly audible. In addition to the 5.1 English soundtrack, there is a Dolby 2.0 German soundtrack. Four stars.

Extras: Wicked Sex Party 7 boasts an excellent list of extras. In addition to the standard full-motion chapter selector, you can also choose the "Star Stats" feature that not only provides a text-based bio and pictures of the star, but also has a link directly to her scene in the movie. There is also a 10-minute bonus scene from Wicked Auditions 2 that features Kaylani Lei and Steve Hatcher. A particularly interesting bonus is a four-minute featurette depicting how Kaylani's pussy was molded to make a toy. Photo Gallery (overall and by star), Trailers, and Computer accessible items (Wicked Casino game and Wicked wallpapers for your desktop) round out the useful and entertaining Extras. Four stars.

Aesthetics: Even though it's pretty obvious that the hillside location for this movie is really not in Hawaii (I've been there and the hills are much greener--and the sky contains less smog--than this Los Angeles-area location), no expense was spared in making it look Polynesian. Fire dancers, hula girls, a real luau, and very Hawaiian outfits all serve to make this a very "island" affair. The girls' make-up is first-rate. In addition, although not particularly inspiring, the musical soundtrack nicely supports the on-screen action (although I think a bit more Polynesian theme could have been applied). Four and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.60
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 4.50
Extras rating: 4.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 4.52

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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